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Performance Protection

The American Dental Association projects that one third of all dental injuries are sports related. It’s hard to believe that a small piece of material in your mouth can protect your teeth, tongue, cheeks, and jaw.A simple mouth guard can help protect your smile from chipped teeth, root damage, fractured…

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Protect Your Child’s Smile!

A baby’s 1st smile is a memory you carry with you forever. When they gaze up into your eyes and grin, you can’t help but adore them even more than you already do! Every person they meet is greeted by it, every school photo is adorn by it, every job…

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Same-Day Crowns Are Here!

It’s a New Day for Digital Dentistry Technology is evolving, and modern dentistry has more to offer now than ever before. By using computer-assisted technology, your Dr. Mong can take an impression of your teeth with a digital scanner, design and create your restoration right in the office! Watch the video…

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