A baby’s 1st smile is a memory you carry with you forever. When they gaze up into your eyes and grin, you can’t help but adore them even more than you already do! Every person they meet is greeted by it, every school photo is adorn by it, every job interview is impressed by it – they carry their smile with them throughout their entire lives, it is time to start protecting it now.

How can I protect my little one’s smile? That’s a great question – here are some tips!

Pacifiers & Thumb Sucking – Many parents worry about the effects of thumb sucking and the use of a pacifier, generally children stop these habits on their own but they only become an issue if they are doing so past the age of three.

Preventing Decay – Nursing or bottle feeding your child to sleep can cause decay. The best way to prevent this is to put only water in their bed-time bottle. Make sure that you are regularly brushing their gums and/or teeth to eliminate bacteria.

When should my child first see a dentist? – We recommend scheduling their first appointment when they are 2. Make it fun for them – bring an awesome pair of sunglasses for them to wear, talk to them about their smile and maybe even get them a fun toy to enjoy after the visit!

Toothpaste – As soon as your child is born, it is important to pay special attention to their gums and teeth. Starting at birth, you can clean their gums with a soft cloth and water or an infant tooth brush. As they grow, there are a ton of tooth brush and tooth paste options. Be sure to follow the instructions on the tube and teach your child to spit out and not swallow the excess tooth paste. Instill good brushing habits on them at a young age by brushing their teeth 2x daily!

Visit 2x a year! – We enjoy seeing your little ones and watching them grow but we also truly enjoy making sure their smile is the best it can be! Be sure to schedule cleanings/check ups twice a year!

Source: Information for this article was gathered from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.