The American Dental Association projects that one third of all dental injuries are sports related. It’s hard to believe that a small piece of material in your mouth can protect your teeth, tongue, cheeks, and jaw.A simple mouth guard can help protect your smile from chipped teeth, root damage, fractured jaws and more.

Did you know that at Mong Family Dentistry we can make you a custom mouth guard?! Sure, you can purchase one at your local sporting goods store but they have limited sizes, it will most likely will not fit properly, it can be uncomfortable and can hamper speech and/or breathing. At our office we will custom fit you for a mouth guard that will be built to fit your smile properly and it will be comfortable to wear.

No matter what age the athlete, proper protection is a key part of performance. Don’t take a chance with a “boil and bite” mouth guard. Even low impact sports can have risks.

Call our office to talk with one of our team members about protecting your smile with a custom mouth guard!